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Accra Public Speaking MasterClinic

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The Facilitator helped me overcome stage-fright! E. Baidoo, Assistant Manager - KPMG

The course was extremely insightful and useful. L. Sarfo, Head - Operations & Governance, Barclays

The value offered by the Royal Centre for Public Speaking exceeds the courses we send our staff to attend abroad! Millicent Narh - Deputy Governor, Bank of Ghana

Best Executive Coaching Company 2020 and
RCPS 13 countries 1000 testimonials 98 p
Accra Aug 20, 2021

The Accra Public Speaking MasterClinic is ideal for those who know their subject matter but need to improve their delivery. This MasterClinic is even more suitable for individuals who desire to acquire the fundamentals in public speaking. Above all, the Accra Public Speaking MasterClinic is perfect for those who have attended public speaking training in the past but now realise that the certificate they possess no longer matches their competence on stage! Simply put, it's time to Tweak & Polish..

Areas of Focus

  • An enriched revisit of the basics of Art and the pivotal role these rudiments play in the Art of Public Speaking

  • Understanding the nervousness experienced when addressing an audience 3 proven techniques of eliminating the anxiety

  • Improving your inflection and tweaking your vocal delivery

  • Synchronising your gesture and posture with precision

  • 5 ways to keep your audience engaged

  • Concluding with charisma

Coaching Approach

The secret to success in Public Speaking is in the "Doing", not the theory! Each participant will be required to complete the following during the MasterClinic:

a) 3 solo presentations one of which must be extemporaneous

b) Participate in 1 group presentation (as part of a team)

c) Complete a Speech Workout

d) Undertake at least one (1) Video Tutorial

e) Complete all role-plays and group exercises







Dates: Aug 20, 2021  9:00am - 4:00pm

Venue: The Golden Tulip, Accra

Fee includes: Welcome Treat, Mini-Breakfast, Lunch Buffet, Course Materials and Certificate of Participation.

Course Fee: GHc1,250

Registration deadline: July 2, 2021. Under no circumstances will an extension be granted.

Once payment is received, preparations will commence for your course materials, certificate, etc. Thus, all payments are final and non-refundable!

To attend the "Accra Public Speaking MasterClinic", please click here

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