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Private Coaching Online

The perfect learning experience for those who are ready to start now!

It's amazing the many things we take for granted in public speaking! This programme gives a lot of helpful insight.

Brigadier General Flora Pearse - Director at HQ, Nigerian Army Medical Corps

This course is so empowering. I can't wait to take the Executive Coaching programme

Happy Forson - Deputy Managing Director, McOtley Holdings

It was such an enriching experience that I really want my husband to take a course like this! Raissa Suile - Business Develop't Director, Barefoot Power Africa

Private Coaching Online was purposely introduced for those who were tired of waiting for a particular date for a Group Course to commence. It also comes in handy for individuals who fully understand that online or virtual learning can be as effective as in-person face-to-face learning. With our Private Coaching Online programme, you receive LIVE 1-on-1 coaching in Public Speaking from a Public Speaking Coach.

One of the leading advantages of Private Coaching is that the curriculum and scope of the programme will focus on the challenges you personally face in Public Speaking. This is a rewarding deviation from the one-size-fits-all approach which can be experienced with group learning programmes. Therefore, it is very important that you give full disclosure regarding the aspects of Public Speaking which you believe you need to develop, especially when completing the online registration form. 

Modus Operandi

Length of Programme: One (1) week i.e. 5 days (excluding weekends and holidays)

Session Duration: 90 minutes (once a day)

Delivery Platform: ZOOM

Programme Fee: NGN275,000

Learning Methods: Depending on the aspects of Public Speaking that you are interested in developing, your Private Coaching Online programme shall involve a blend of the following

  • Pre-programme Assignments 

  • Personality Type Test

  • Presentation Trials

  • Speech Workouts

  • Extemporaneous Delivery

  • Audio-visual Tutorials

  • Daily Assignments

When can you start? Typically, your Private Coaching Online programme can start a week after full payment is received. Once payment is made, our Online Support Team will contact you to work out a schedule based on your convenience and the availability of your Coach. Coaching sessions must take place during daytime business hours i.e. 0900 - 1630 hrs GMT.

Suitability: It is your sole and entire responsibility to ensure that you are participating in your coaching sessions from a suitable location. This means  that the strength of your internet signal at that location is suitable for a hitch-free learning experience; the room or facility must be well-lit and you must be positioned in such a way that your face shows well and is not dark; and that there is peace and quiet.

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