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Professional Assistance with Your Next Presentation

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The Facilitator helped me overcome stage-fright!

E. Baidoo, Assistant Manager - KPMG

The course was extremely insightful and useful.

L. Sarfo,

Head - Operations & Governance, Barclays

The series of role-plays, the motivational component and practical advice really helped me identify the mannerisms that compromise the efficacy of my presentatios! U. J. Agu - Principal Marketing Officer, Radio Nigeria

Best Executive Coaching Company 2020 and

The Birch helps prepare you for your upcoming presentation by designing the visual component of your message (presentation slides)* and coaching you on how to deliver your speech! This coaching includes a 1-on-1 session with our Coach who will observe your presentation and give an on-the-spot evaluation and assessment. 

The Birch comes with:

  • One 1-hour face-to-face (virtual) private coaching session 

  • Coaching session will focus on your opening (how you start), seamless articulation of introducing your topic and scope, giving a convincing delivery of the main body of your presentation, tips on keeping your audience alert and engaged, concluding your speech with charisma.

  • Professional ethical design of your projector slides

  • High-impact layouts 

  • Captivating illustrations with compatible themes 

  • Use of premium images to highlight your message 

  • Dynamic animation (where  appropriate)

  • Customised transition from one slide to another 

*In the event you do not need assistance with designing your projector slides but prefer us reviewing your written/typed speech, that will be fine. If you do not have slides to be designed or written speech to be reviewed, you can have two (2) 1-hour coaching sessions to assist you in preparing for your speaking engagement.

All payments are final and non-refundable! 

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