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From the privacy and convenience of One-on-One Coaching to the inspiring synergy established at our Group Courses and In-house Training (for companies and organizations), our courses are conducted LIVE with a hands-on approach.


Public Speaking is a skill that you will need for a lifetime. That is why, even after going into retirement, many world leaders and business icons continue to make a living from speaking! Thus, our guaratee is a Lifetime Guarantee!



Many corporate entities and organizations have fully realised that the inability of their personnel to articulate the value of their products and services has adversely affected revenue. We have been instrumental in empowering several brands.



The Royal Centre for Public Speaking started in 2010 in Accra, Ghana. We are now in Africa's most populous nation, Nigeria, and also conduct courses in England.


Stage-fright, the fear of facing an audience and lack of confidence has robbed many people of achieving iconic success in their personal and professional lives. For some, the inability to connect and communicate with an audience has hindered their career growth! At the Royal Centre for Public Speaking, our primary focus is equipping men and women with the strength and skills to perfect the art of public speaking and attain presentation mastery.

Our Faculty is headed by our Founder & President, Samuel Jonathan. To date, we have received over 1,700 written testimonials from business professionals, corporate managers, industry captains, members of the judicial service, diplomats, religious leaders and award-winning broadcasters from 13 countries.


We look forward to assisting you in establishing your Speaking Legacy.



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West Africa Regional Office

+234 7066 311 699

Training Venue, Ghana

The African Regent

237 - 238 Airport West, Accra

Training Venue, Nigeria

Canton Concourse

12 Landbridge Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos

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