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Speaking and Beyond

We continually harvest multiples of what we invested in taking this course. Even our clients are marvelled at the presentation mastery demonstrated by our Team! Andrew Ackah, Chief Executive Officer - Dentsu Aegis

The standing ovation accorded the Facilitator at the end of the course is a credible testimonial to his pedigree.       Wole Coker, Zonal Director - NTA, Africa's largest TV network

I highly recommend the Masterclass for every woman who has a vision. The change I have experienced is amazing! Enifome Onoyivwe

This course equips one with invaluable skills that multiply and enhances one's value Noble Nutifafa, Deputy Director - I.T., The Judicial Service of Ghana

"Speaking and Beyond" is the first certified public speaking course (in the world) to be accompanied by a Lifetime Guarantee! The proven track record of this learning experience is unparalleled. This 4-day certificate course offers an in-depth understanding (and coverage) of the various aspects and facets of public speaking. It is a priceless experience.

Why 4 days?

We have been conducting “Speaking and Beyond” since 2011. The average individual who takes this course is aged between 30 – 45. If an individual has lived for approximately 275,000 hours and has been speaking that long, it nearly impossible for a quick workshop to immensely change how that person speaks. We are interested in transformational results. We are interested in proven competence and not just the issuance of certificates. Moreover, according to our Lead Facilitator, Samuel Jonathan, “Great treasures can never been found in shallow waters”. This course is intended to take you into the “deep end” of public speaking so that you can discover and utilise the treasures thereof. Hence our Lifetime Guarantee!

Areas of Focus

  • Discovering, Identifying and Understanding your Personality Type, especially as it relates to stage-fright and pre-speech anxiety

  • Mastering and Overcoming Stage-Fright

  • Gaining a practical understanding of the Art of Public Speaking

  • Daily Habits of World-Class Speakers

  • Verbal Communication – How to incorporate words that build cooperation and facilitate “buy in” from your audience. Replacement of commonly used phrases which are erroneous such as “all protocol observed”. Simple steps to expand your vocabulary and broaden your audience. Eradication of vocalised pauses such as errhhh and ummhhh.

  • With the aid of Speech Workouts and Presentation Trials, enhance the Vocal Delivery of your speeches including tone, tempo, volume and volume

  • Synchronizing your gesture, posture, facial expression and body language with your utterance. Eradication of mannerisms that readily diminish the efficacy of your delivery

  • International Public Speaking Etiquette

  • An introduction to Presentation Mastery

  • Speech Preparation

  • How to commence your presentationand establish audience engagement

  • Transitioning from your Introduction/Opening to the Main Body and Conclusion

  • How to conclude with charisma and handle Q&A segments

  • Extemporeneous Presentations

  • Professional Speaking Development


Accra June 12 - 15 registration/payment deadline May 22, 2017 

Lagos June 19 - 22 registration/payment deadline May 22, 2017

Abuja August 7 - 10 registration/payment deadline July 17, 2017

Port Harcourt August 14 - 17 registration/payment deadline July 17, 2017

Accra October 16 - 19 registration/payment deadline October 2, 2017

Lagos October 23 - 26 registration/payment deadline October 2, 2017

Course Fee: GHc2,000    N150,000


Registration and payment deadline: Under no circumstances will the registration and/or payment deadlines be extended.

Once payment is received, preparations will commence for your course materials, certificate, etc. Thus, all payments are final and non-refundable!

To attend the "Speaking and Beyond", please click here

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