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Overcoming Stage-Fright




2 Days

Registration Closed

About the Course

The most common challenge experienced in Public Speaking is stage-fright. The fear, anxiety and nervousness that comes with facing an audience has robbed many people of credibility, opportunities and even promotion!

"Speak & Connect Series" from the Royal Centre for Public Speaking offers an array of affordable short-courses in Public Speaking and Presentation Mastery. These short-courses are conducted by the same pedigree and faculty conducting our speciality bespoke courses and programmes.

If stage-fright has done enough "damage" and you are ready to take control, book your seat right away.

LAGOS: April 8 - 9
Admission Fee: NGN170,000
Cut-off Date for Registration and Payment: March 15

Your Instructor

Samuel Jonathan

Samuel Jonathan

Starting from his inspiring name to his aspiring legacy, everything about this gentleman is unique. Samuel Jonathan is an Author, Executive Mentor and Public Speaking Coach. From Fortune 500 companies in North America to the Ghana Club 100 in West Africa, Pastor Jonathan has served as an Expert Facilitator and Trusted Adviser. Many have described him as Africa’s leading Public Speaking Trainer. It is no surprise that companies and institutions in other countries and of global repute, such as Johns Hopkins University (USA), the United Nations, Britain’s ruling party (The Conservatives), Barclays, KPMG and The British Council, have enjoyed his coaching legacy. From Ghana’s largest media empire (Multimedia Group) to Africa’s largest TV Network – NTA (Nigeria), broadcasters, presenters and On-Air Personalities have benefitted immensely from his signature coaching style! He has authored 286 audio-books, courses and training materials. Samuel Jonathan authored the first audio-coaching programme in Africa, “Speaking and Beyond”. Some of his best-selling titles include “Public Speaker’s Pocket Guide”, “Becoming a Public Speaker”, “Anointing to Speak and Grace of Eloquence”, “Challenging Your Excuses” and many more. As a result of his unparalleled commitment to providing exceptional value, Samuel pioneered the legendary “Lifetime Guarantee” for public speaking coaching. His signature coaching style has earned him over 3,200 testimonials. 98.5% of his audiences and clients have rated his empowering and coaching style as “Excellent”. Above all the awards, applauds and accolades, Samuel Jonathan is blissfully married to his wife, Lynda, and blessed with amazing children.

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