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The HIGH-IMPACT Course in Public Speaking

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I wasn’t sure I needed public speaking classes at first, after just about 15 minutes into the class, I was vividly convinced that I had been wrong all along. Now I can say with verifiable proof that, I am more confident and articulate, more spiritually grounded, more knowledgeable, driven and passionate about making a change in my sphere and the world at large, than I was before the course. Thelma Akpata, IT Director

The course was extremely useful in developing my public speaking skills! Lessons learnt the sessions are of inestimable value. I am happy they will remain with me for life. T. Amadi, FMDQ Securities Exchange

The series of role-plays, the motivational component and practical advice really helped me identify the mannerisms that compromise the efficacy of my presentatios! U. J. Agu - Principal Marketing Officer, Radio Nigeria

When you are in front of your audience, you only have 12 seconds to secure the engagement of your audience! Those 12 seconds will determine if your audience will remain seated or dash to the toilet; listen to you or browse through the messages on their phone. More importantly, those 12 seconds determine if your audience will tune in or switch off! Once your audience switches off, the number of awards you've won, size of clientele and the fantastic pricing you have on your range of products no longer matters. 

The HIGH-IMPACT Course in Public Speaking is a 10-day advanced course with the primary intent of tweaking your presentation skills so that you can seize the moment and make it a monument with momentum. Above all, you will be equipped with the skills and techniques for making convincing presentations.

RCPS 13 countries 1000 testimonials 98 p

Areas of Focus

  • Understanding the Art of Persuasion and Public Speaking

  • Establishing your "Hear-to-Conquer" routine

  • The Dimensions of HIGH-IMPACT Delivery 

  • Verbal, Vocal and Visual components that persuade your audience

  • Rudiments of Brand Mastery

  • How to Close/Conclude with Conviction, Persuasion and Precision (CPP)

  • Handling Q&A segments and objections with charisma 

  • Achieving the Desired Outcome


Dates: Nov 4 - 15, 2024 (no weekends)  Location: Lagos

Admission: NGN1.25m (currency converter 

Delivery Format: LIVE Group Course

Course Facilitator Profile:  Click here

Registration/payment deadline: Sept 30, 2024. Register Now

Best Executive Coaching Company 2020 and

Once payment is received, preparations will commence for your course materials, certificate, etc. Thus, due to the significant concession granted and the special post-pandemic pricing adopted, all payments are final and non-refundable! In the event the programme or course does not take place, you will be entitled to a full refund.

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