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CAMP 4:13 Christian Course in Public Speaking

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I wasn’t sure I needed public speaking classes at first, after just about 15 minutes into the class, I was vividly convinced that I had been wrong all along. Now I can say with verifiable proof that, I am more confident and articulate, more spiritually grounded, more knowledgeable, driven and passionate about making a change in my sphere and the world at large, than I was before the course. Thelma Akpata, IT Director

The course was extremely useful in developing my public speaking skills! Lessons learnt the sessions are of inestimable value. I am happy they will remain with me for life. T. Amadi, FMDQ Securities Exchange

The series of role-plays, the motivational component and practical advice really helped me identify the mannerisms that compromise the efficacy of my presentations! U. J. Agu - Principal Marketing Officer, Radio Nigeria


— Rev. Narterh, Head Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church

“Before we could complete the course, our Pastors were receiving amazing feedback from our parishioners!

Best Executive Coaching Company 2020 and

One skill many churches and seminaries do not teach is Public Speaking. Whereas, the ministry of Jesus would have been impossible without public speaking skills. As a Christian professional, entrepreneur or corporate executive, presentation mastery will enable you to seize the opportunities God brings your way! Under the auspices of Lifestyle Church, Impact Africa brings CAMP 4:13 to churches and ministries across Africa. Authored, designed and developed by Pastor Samuel Jonathan, CAMP 4:13 has the primary focus of introducing you to the rudiments of connecting with your audience and speaking with clarity, charisma and precision.

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Bearing in mind that over 99% of our career, calling and daily interactions involve various forms of the art of public speaking, the curriculum for CAMP 4:13 is 65% practical and 35% theory. Whether you are conducting Bible Study, presenting your company's quarterly report, announcing upcoming events at church or giving a speech at a conference, this hands-on learning experience will equip you with the rudiments for connecting with your audience, keep them leaning forward with interest and establishing an enviable Speaking Legacy. 

Modus Operandi

  • Personality-Type Test

  • Presentation Trials 

  • Group Exercises 

  • Speech Workouts 

  • Audio-Visual Tutorials 

  • Extemporaneous Speeches 

Areas of Focus

  • Practical Understanding of the Art of Public Speaking

  • Understanding Your Personality Type and Overcoming Stage-Fright 

  • Verbal, Vocal and Visual components that persuade your audience

  • Techniques for Successful Speech Preparation

  • How to Start with Impact and Conclude with Charisma

  • Handling Q&A segments and objections 

  • Rudiments of Public Speaking Etiquette

CAMP 4:13 is based on the testimony of Acts chapter 4 verse 13. It is time for your church's leadership, staff and outreach team to have the same testimony; receive the eloquence of Psalm 45:1 and acquire the boldness of Proverbs 28:1

Is your church ready for this blessing?

In Finchley, North London, a Pastor who had immense difficulty getting residents in his community to attend his church, contacted us. We asked him one area of life everyone (both believers and unbelievers) wants to succeed. His answer to our question resulted in us organising one of our bespoke courses. To his surprise, all the church's neighbours who always ignored invitation to Bible Study, Prayer Meetings, etc filled all the front seats. By the time his members arrived, they had to occupy the remaining seats! With the counsel of God and proper evaluation of your church's needs, a learning experience such as CAMP 4:13 can become a "fishing net" and outreach tool. The Harvest of Souls truly awaits your church if you seize this moment! To take the next step, click on the box below. God bless you.

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