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Online Coaching

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Imagine a world where job interviews are conducted via ZOOM and global conferences are hosted through video conferencing? Well, that "world" is already here! Rather than learning how to gracefully enter the stage with charisma, overcome the initial jitters and establish meaningful eye-contact with our audience, we may have to perfect the art of being well-positioned (posture) before our phone/laptop camera, establish rapport with our virtual audience (within the first 3 seconds) and utilise the Power of Inflection to substitute gestures we used (in the past) on large conference stages! The future of Public Speaking Coaching is online coaching.

Prior to the global health crisis, Online Coaching was not popular. In fact, many thought Public Speaking Coaching could not be effective online. With "Working from Home" becoming the new normal and many families (and companies) having to get used to the new definition of "normal", it will be more rewarding to be coached using the same online platform you are going to use in addressing your audience!

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