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The focus of this coaching programme goes beyond being eloquent. Being an effective Communicator is more valuable! Understanding what needs to be communicated and how it ought to be conveyed is a priceless attribute of every Speaker. With the signature coaching style of Samuel Jonathan,  this course module focuses on the verbal (what to say, choice of words, vocabulary), vocal (pace, pitch, volume, inflection) and visual aspects of your presentation (gesture, facial expression, posture, body language); as well as determining the appropriate speaking distance. Whether you are giving the keynote address at a conference or engaging an audience at a social function, this module laser beams on communicating effectively. One of the distinct attributes of this module is understanding that Every Word Matters (E.W.M). A Communicator takes responsibility for what the audience hears! Therefore, saying “Ummmhhh“ and other idle words becomes abolished and eradicated by the conclusion of this module. The same applies to utterances such as all protocol observed, plans are in the pipeline, take the bull by the horn, etc. That which is common is of no value! It is time to move beyond the "commonplace" and speak with clarity, charisma and precision. If you would rather have the full 6-week audio-coaching course in Public Speaking, click here to get your 35% discount!

Communicating Effectively: The 3 V's

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