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This is one of the most empowering resources a veteran or aspiring Speaker will ever possess. Sadly, "Presentation Mastery" is a level of skilfulness which many seldom attain. Essentially, this coaching module focuses on excellence in delivery. Whilst the "3V's of Communication" covered the Techniques of Communication, this module focuses more on the Dynamics of Delivery. Being dynamic captivates and sustains the attention of your audience and keeps them engaged … even when they cannot see you (such as when on Radio or when people are listening to you from an “Overflow Room”). Topics to be covered shall include Preparing Your Speech (or discussion points), Courting Your Audience (breaking the ice), How to Author Suitable Illustrations, Developing Memorable One-Liners and Audience Engagement. Regardless of whether one’s audience is in a boardroom or ballroom, Presentation Mastery© will equip you with how to prepare for Q&A segments, interact with the press/media, address questions with finesse and handle objections with grace. The author and coach is  Samuel Jonathan. If you would rather have the full 6-week audio-coaching course in Public Speaking, click here to get your 35% discount!

How to attain Presentation Mastery

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