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This course is fundamental is essential with helping you understand what it takes to become an exceptional Speaker. Bearing in mind that Public Speaking is an art, and art is the expression of self, a significant component of this module is dedicated to assisting you understand your personality type and personality traits; especially how they relate to stage-fright (nervousness). More importantly, "Perfecting the Art of Public Speaking" gives practical coaching on what it takes to present your best when on stage or on-air. During this course module, the Lead Facilitator for the Royal Centre for Public Speaking, Samuel Jonathan, assists you in writing your Speaking Legacy! Many have found this module very empowering, especially when it comes to overcoming stage-fright and speech anxiety. It is a priceless learning experience. If you would rather have the full 6-week audio-coaching course in Public Speaking, click here to get your 35% discount!

Perfecting the Art of Public Speaking

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