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Training Protocol


And that is the primary objective of our Training Protocol. Essentially, the protocol is simply an outline of what will be needed to make this learning experience memorable.

Projector Maintenance


People remember 10% of what they hear and 50% of what they see! Therefore, it is imperative we have the following in order to optimise the retention of the audience:

  • LCD Projector and suitable screen or background to project on.

  • Flip Chart. This can be whiteboard or a flip chart equipped with suitable paper. The flip chart must be portable/mobile and be accompanied by 3 or 4 markers of different colours. 

  • In the absence of an LCD Projector, an LCD TV or flat screen (with HDMI and VGA connections) will suffice

Stereo Speaker


This paragraph only applies to those using a projector. It does not apply when an LCD or LED TV (with built-in speakers) is being used. This programme will incorporate video clips and audiovisual illustrations. It is important for the audience to hear what is being played on the screen (since the laptop speakers will be inadequate). This means it is essential to have suitable powered speakers that can connect directly to the laptop. Depending on the size of the training room/auditorium and the audience size, there may be the need to have additional speakers in the rear, so those in the back can hear the sound. 

RODE Lapel Mic.jpg


This will only be necessary if you have more than 30 participants. More importantly, this will be compulsory when the size of the venue (space for training) is significantly larger than the size of the audience. For instance, if we are conducting the course for 25 people in an auditorium or church that can seat 100 people, the voice of the Facilitator will not be properly heard because of the excessive "empty" space! In essence, this is a must-have if you have such a situation.


Many a time, an MC, host or designated member of staff may fumble or stumble their way through the introduction of the Facilitator simply because they do not have information about the person they are introducing. Such moments can be very embarrassing and tense! The good news is such flaws can be avoided. A brief downloadable 1-page version of the Facilitator's profile can be obtained by clicking here


It is important to bear in mind that the purpose of getting this right is to ensure that we have a successful and hitch-free event. With the attendees at the centre of our hearts, we will all agree that it is worth ensuring that everything is in place and in order. If there are questions you have about the Training Protocol, promptly notify us by email or phone

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