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Speak & Connect Series

Affordable Short-Courses in Public Speaking and Presentation Mastery

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After 11 years, 13 countries, 2 international awards and 1,000+ testimonials, the Royal Centre for Public Speaking is following the path trailed by global brands. 

RCPS 13 countries 1000 testimonials 98 p

After many years of success, in addition to starting its Lexus luxury line, Toyota introduced "Scion" as a vehicle line that would fit the budget of university students as well as appeal to the working class who need something affordable. Honda saw the need to start Acura, Volkswagen took off with Porsche while Mercedes invested in a new line of vehicles, the Maybach. 

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"Speak and Connect" by the Royal Centre for Public Speaking provides affordable short-courses in Public Speaking and Presentation Mastery. Just as illustrated in the previous paragraph, the pedigree of our faculty remains the same and the curriculum yields tangible transformation in the lives of the participants. 

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Our catalogue of short-courses under the Speak & Connect Series (SCS) can be viewed on our WhatsApp business page. You will also be able to chat with us directly and ask questions. 

The three (3) short-courses we currently conduct are:

  • Overcoming Stage-fright Bootcamp

  • The V3 Masterclass in Communication

  • The Ultimate Course in Public Speaking

RCPS 13 countries 1000 testimonials 98 p
RCPS Country Flags.jpg
Overcoming Stage Fright CUP COFFEE.png

The most common challenge experienced in Public Speaking is stage-fright. The fear, anxiety and nervousness that comes with facing an audience has robbed many people of credibility, opportunities and even promotion! 


"Speak & Connect Series" from the Royal Centre for Public Speaking offers an array of affordable short-courses in Public Speaking and Presentation Mastery. These short-courses are conducted by the same pedigree and faculty conducting our speciality bespoke courses and programmes. 


If stage-fright has done enough "damage" and you are ready to take control, book your seat right away. With the historic admission fee of NGN29,000, seats are likely to sell out shortly! Lagos: Sept 13 - 14  Abuja: August 16 - 17


View the Facilitator's profile by clicking here To register, simply scroll to the bottom of the page.

V3 Masterclass.png
V3 Masterclass
in Communication

Giving Convincing Presentations with or without Script!

What you communicate to your audience and how you communicate will determine if your audience will be convinced or confused. Communication in Public Speaking has 3 cardinal components:


  • Verbal 

  • Vocal 

  • Visual 

This rigorous 3-day Masterclass in Communication will enable you perfect these 3 V's so that your audience will always associate confidence and conviction with your speaking legacy.


Lagos: Sept 13 - 15  Abuja: August 16 - 18  Admission Fee: NGN49,000 


Get to know the Facilitator by clicking here​ To register, simply scroll to the bottom of the page.

The Ultimate Course.png
The Foundational Course
in Public Speaking

From preparation to delivery and everything in between, The Foundational Course in Public Speaking has the goal of giving participants an enriched wholesome introduction to the essentials for world-class Public Speaking. Essentially, this 5-day course marks the beginning of your Speaking Legacy!


The curriculum is 75% practical and 25% theory, thereby ensuring that you experience optimum efficacy of this course. Additionally, the curriculum has a proven track record of transforming the communication skills and presentation techniques of participants. Your dedicated Coach has received 76 professional awards, over 3,000 testimonials and 2 international awards in Public Speaking Training. 


Lagos: Sept 13 - 17  Abuja: August 16 - 20 Admission Fee: NGN75,000 

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What do I need
to get started?

Your seat is only secured with full payment. The payment due date for all short-courses in Lagos is Sept 3, 2021 and for Abuja is August 6, 2021. However, we shall stop receiving payment once seats are fully booked. After you register the banking details for payment shall be sent to you. Registration is mandatory. Still have questions? Chat with us on WhatsApp or send us an email

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How do I register?
I am ready to start

To register for any of the short-courses, click here Please bear in mind that your registration is only secured by full payment. Registering without paying would be futile. Once you register, our Online Support Team will provide you with payment instructions. 

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