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Speak & Connect Series

Affordable Short-Courses in Public Speaking and Presentation Mastery

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After 13 years, 13 countries, 2 international awards and 1,000+ testimonials, the Royal Centre for Public Speaking is following the path trailed by global brands. 

RCPS 13 countries 1000 testimonials 98 p

After many years of success, in addition to starting its Lexus luxury line, Toyota introduced "Scion" as a vehicle line that would fit the budget of university students as well as appeal to the working class who need something affordable. Honda saw the need to start Acura, Volkswagen took off with Porsche while Mercedes invested in a new line of vehicles, the Maybach. 

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"Speak and Connect" by the Royal Centre for Public Speaking provides affordable short-courses in Public Speaking and Presentation Mastery. Just as illustrated in the previous paragraph, the pedigree of our faculty remains the same and the curriculum yields tangible transformation in the lives of the participants. 

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