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Speaking Clinic for Corporate Leaders

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From articulating the vision of your organisation (at a conference) to sharing your views on global trends in your industry (on a TV show), a corporate executive must speak with clarity, charisma and precision. The Speaking Clinic for Corporate Leaders has the sole objective of giving an enriched and practical reminder of some of the fundamentals of Public Speaking, often taken for granted by corporate and industry leaders. More importantly, the position does not make the person. The person makes the position! The techniques and skills learned at this Clinic will surely make the participants better "persons" in communicating their ideas, insight and illustrations.

The Facilitator helped me overcome stage-fright! E. Baidoo, Assistant Manager - KPMG

The course was extremely insightful and useful. L. Sarfo, Head - Operations & Governance, Barclays

The series of role-plays, the motivational component and practical advice really helped me identify the mannerisms that compromise the efficacy of my presentatios! U. J. Agu - Principal Marketing Officer, Radio Nigeria

Best Executive Coaching Company 2020 and

Areas of Focus

  • Understanding stage-fright and how to overcome it

  • 10 essential parameters for preparing corporate presentations

  • Polishing your verbal, vocal and visual communication skills

  • Optimum utilisation of visual aids to enhance comprehension

  • An introduction to Presentation Slide Etiquette

  • Handling Q&A segments and objections with charisma 

Speaking Clinic

Dates: Jan 23, 2024  Location: Victoria Island, Lagos

Admission: NGN175,000 includes lunch, all course materials and audio/visual resources for continuous development  

Delivery Format: LIVE Group Course

Course Facilitator Profile:  Click here

Registration/payment deadline: Dec 29, 2023

Once payment is received, preparations will commence for your course materials, certificate, etc. Thus, due to the significant concession granted and the special post-pandemic pricing adopted, all payments are final and non-refundable! In the event the programme or course is cancelled, you will be entitled to a full refund.

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