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Imagine a world where job interviews are conducted via ZOOM and global conferences are hosted through video conferencing? Well, that "world" is already here! Rather than learning how to enter the stage with grace, firmly handle the microphone, overcome the initial jitters and establish meaningful eye-contact with our audience, we may have to perfect the art of being well-positioned (posture) before our phone/laptop camera, establish rapport with our virtual audience (within the first 3 seconds) and utilise the Power of Inflection to substitute gestures we used (in the past) on large conference stages! The future of Public Speaking Coaching is online coaching.

Prior to the global health crisis, Online Coaching was not popular. In fact, many thought Public Speaking Coaching could not be effective online. With "Working from Home" becoming the new normal and many families (and companies) having to get used to the new definition of "normal", it will be more rewarding to be coached using the same online platform you are going to use in addressing your audience!

The three (3) online 1-on-1 coaching programmes we have are the Online ALPHA Course in Public Speaking,  Online Masters Course in Public Speaking and the Online Centurion Course in Public Speaking. All have been included in our Post-Pandemic Pricing and therefore have heavily subsidised fees (just for a limited time).

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Online Coaching



The Online Masters Course in Public Speaking comes with five (5) rigorous coaching sessions. Each session has a duration of 2 hours and the curriculum is entirely customised to your pace of learning. More importantly, the Masters programme has the primarily focus of giving you an advanced perfection of the basics. Therefore, upon completion of the Online Masters, you receive 3 months of mentoring in Public Speaking. This can be used to ask questions, get tips to help you prepare for upcoming speaking engagements or simply have the Coach evaluate video recordings of presentations you have rehearsed or speeches given! Who will conduct the coaching sessions?  Get to know the Facilitator by clicking here​ The Post-Pandemic Pricing for the Online Masters Course in Public Speaking is $345 (currency converter).  You can make payment in your local currency.

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Online Coaching

If this is your first time of taking a professional course in Public Speaking, the Online Alpha Course in Public Speaking will be an ideal Introductory Course for you. Three (3) days of LIVE 1-on-1 online coaching on the rudiments of Public Speaking. Further to the unending impact of the global health crisis, this unique learning experience was designed to fit your budget and prepare you for your audience. The subsidised all-inclusive Introductory Offer for the Alpha Course in Public Speaking is $165 (currency converter). The essence of clicking on the currency converter

is to know how much it costs in your local currency. You can make payment in your local currency. Bearing in mind that this programme was intentionally introduced for the peculiar times we are facing, this pricing and course is for a limited time! View the Facilitator's profile by clicking here To register, simply scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Online Coaching

The Online Centurion Course in Public Speaking gives you an enriched perfection of the Art of Public Speaking. In addition to having ten (10) coaching sessions, you receive FREE admission to ALL of our future Group Courses! This means that, for a lifetime, you are able to practise (in a group learning environment) what you learned from this private coaching programme. You will never have to pay for a public speaking course again. Furthermore, the audio visual resources you receive will enhance your continuous development in Public Speaking. Your dedicated Coach has received 76 professional awards and over 3,000 testimonials from 13  countries! The Post-Pandemic Pricing fee for the Online Centurion Course in Public Speaking is $1,200 (currency converter). The essence of clicking on the currency converter is to know how much it costs in your local currency. You can make payment in your local currency. Click here​ to view the pedigree of your Coach

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Nothing special! We use ZOOM and Skype as our video conference systems. On our part, we incorporate a few amenities that make the experience interactive. Just make sure you have a laptop, PC or smartphone with a camera. If you are using a phone camera, remember to place it on a table-top stand or tri-pod stand. Additionally, make sure the location from which you will tune in for your coaching is well lit (bright); quiet and provides a good signal on your phone/internet connection.

To register for any of the online coaching programmes, click here Please bear in mind that your registration is only secured by full payment. Registering without paying would be futile. Once you register, our Online Support Team will provide you with payment instructions. 

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