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Lamborghini is considered to be a successful brand. The same can be said about Rolls Royce. However, the key to a Lamborghini will never start the engine of a Rolls Royce. This is because the keys to success do not fit the same ignition! The same applies to public speaking. Each person has different approaches to speaking and have their own presentation style. Similarly, each individual has has a unique pace at which they learn. Above all, each of us have varying applications of our public speaking skills. The Centurion involves ten (10) intensive coaching sessions. The curriculum is entirely adapted to the aspects of public speaking which you need to grow. Since the entire focus and attention of the Facilitator shall be on you (rather than you and 20 others), the learning experience is very enriching and you can cover more in shorter time. The Centurion offers convenience. Thus, this One-on-One programme is brought to you (residence, office, etc) and works around your schedule. Additionally, you receive lifetime private mentoring in Public Speaking and assistance with the preparation of future presentations and speeches. As part of our commitment to your continuous growth and development, upon completion of The Centurion coaching course, you receive FREE Admission to our future group courses, anywhere in the world! The programme comes with all your course materials and our exclusively licensed range of audio and video resources. Kindly tell us more about yourself and where you are located so we can provide you with the course fees.

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The Legend consist of six (6) enriched and empowering coaching sessions. In addition to the dedicated attention of the Facilitator, you enjoy privacy and convenience. The coaching course is brought to your office, home or location of your choice (within the Metro Area) and the modules can be selected based on the areas you need improvement the most. This option is ideal for those who have previously taken a wholesome public speaking course or feel the need to polish a few of their presentation skills. Please click here to tell us your location and we will gladly provide you with the fees and pertinent details. 

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It's a pity that many people have missed several opportunities simply because they were unable to articulate themselves! This 1-on-1 coaching significantly contributed towards passing my surgeon's exams.

Nuhu Naabo, Surgeon and Member -

College of Surgeons & Physicians

We have come to the realization that the courses and programmes you run provide us with more value for money compared to the courses we send our staff for abroad!

M. Narh, Deputy Governor

Bank of Ghana

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